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So what does it do?

Version 1.0 was developed as a quick way to deploy Windows 7 to existing systems. 2.0 is now available and can deploy to existing systems as well as bare bone systems and it has the ability to clean up old systems from AD and SCCM.

Note: this version is being left on the site in case someone just wants a basic interface.

Release 1.0 -

This website console uses the Deployment Webservice that do the following in the background:

Checks the SCCM Database to see if the machine name you entered exists:
  1. Checks to see if it is valid or obsolete
    1. If it finds that the first entry is obsolete it try’s the second find with the same name.
      1. If it is found valid (not obsolete) then it continues
      2. Next it allows the admin to choose what OS to deploy
  2. This is done though a pre defined list of OS’s
    1. These connect to predefined Collections in SCCM 2007
      1. Next it adds the machine to the correct collection associated with the OS deployment you choose
  3. Next it check to see if the machine needs the PXE deployment cleared and clears if needed
  4. Lastly it send a refresh to the systems machine policy via Roger Zanders SCCM Client Center automation dll via one of Maik’s Deployment Webservices
    1. This causes the deployment to kick off as soon as possible instead of waiting 90 minutes for a policy refresh.
    2. This step only works if the machine is turned on when the wizard is run

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