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Tracing and Debugging


Tracing is now turned on in the web.config file.

if you change this from

<trace enabled="true" pageOutput="false" requestLimit="40" localOnly="false"/>

<trace enabled="true" pageOutput="true" requestLimit="40" localOnly="false"/> 

it should show the tracing on the output in the browser you may also need to allow scrolling on the index.html or you can go to


on the server hosting the site.

If your variables are blank then something isn't setup right in the web.config file.

you can learn more here


Presently if you are having a problem with the code the config file and the ASPX files are configured to Display errors on the site so you can get more details of what is happening.

you cant Turn this off by changing this :

<% @Page Language="VB" Explicit="false" ASPCompat="true" Debug="True" TraceMode="SortBytime"  %>

at the top of each ASPX page to this:

<% @Page Language="VB" Explicit="false" ASPCompat="true" Debug="False" TraceMode="SortBytime"  %>

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